Crashes in Jefferson County

It is Jefferson County’s goal to reduce overall crashes in the county using available resources to make road safety improvements in locations where crashes are most frequent and/or damaging. However, the process of identifying, evaluating, and planning safety improvements on public roads is a difficult task.

Beginning with identifying where vehicular crashes have occurred, analysis goes much further to include in-depth safety assessments focusing on the nature of crashes in problem areas. This analysis is necessary to understand the totality of a problem which includes not only individual crashes, but other factors such as road conditions and characteristics, weather, and driving behavior related to all crashes. The results of the assessments are used to identify how best to mitigate the safety problem.

While not intended for in-depth analysis, this interactive application was produced to visually display the 55,000+ crash records in Jefferson County between 2011 and 2015. It does not provide the analysis required to make road safety improvement decisions, but simply allows users to explore data from available crash records from a location perspective.

How to Use This App

Wait for the Layer Button to appear in the upper right corner of the map. Hover over this to toggle different crash types. Once this is loaded, use the Draw Polygon Tool tool (upper left) to create areas of interest. Once an area is selected, charts aggregating the data associated with the crash data within the selected polygon will appear on the right of the screen. Hover over the charts to get more information.

Application will not work if using Internet Explorer and is not compatible with mobile devices.

Explore the Data

The data used to create this app are freely available for download via the Jefferson County Open Data Portal. From here, you can download the data in several formats, use the data via an API, or simply view the data on a map. All GIS data made available by Jefferson County are available from this site.

If crash data does not load after about 30 seconds, please refresh your screen.